Our Story

Eric Binder – Vocals, Guitars
Vijay Ramasami – Guitars
JJ Jung – Bass, Vocals
William Karmia Jr – Drums

7 Corners is an alternative rock band hailing from the Chicago suburbs. With influences such as Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Porcupine Tree, 311, Linkin Park, Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, and many more this band gracefully side-steps the mundane predictability of the modern rock scene by rekindling that certain flair brought about by mid-90’s post-grunge bands that has been all but lost since the turn of the century. Inspired instrumentation seasoned with elements of progressive rock serve as a backbone for their infectious vocals and epic haunting melodies.

7 Corners began in late 2009 shortly after long-time acquaintances Eric Binder and Vijay Ramasami swapped a few demos with each other. Realizing the potential these early demos had, the two decided to begin collaborating. Bill Karmia came into the mix a few months later. Having played a few times in the past with Eric, he jumped at the chance to throw some his own flavor into the songs Eric and Vijay had been working on.

By the time the trio had booked their first show, they were faced with a very harsh reality: they had no bassist. JJ Jung, who had booked the gig, decided to step in and cover the bass for the concert not knowing he would end up sticking around for the long-haul as 7 Corners permanent bassist.

With the band complete as a four-piece, booking requests coming in, and a growing interest in the band, they began working on some studio recordings in between shows. Frustrated with their limited recording set-up, they tapped Usman Khan to engineer and co-produce at his recording studio, Khan Artist Productions in Naperville, IL.

After playing around the Naperville area for a few years, the band began to branch out towards Chicago, culminating in well-received performances at the House of Blues and The Bottom Lounge.